Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Rights of the Born

Everything was going swimmingly on the panel. The subject was politics and faith, and I was on stage with two clergymen with progressive spiritual leanings, and a moderator who is liberal and Catholic. We were having a discussion with the audience of 1,300 people in Washington about many of the social justice topics on which we agree — the immorality of the federal budget, the wrongness of the president's war in Iraq. Then an older man came to the mike and raised the issue of abortion, and everyone just lost his or her mind.

Or, at any rate, I did.



Blogger Brenda said...

Just let me ay that my mother's life was complete;y ruined and ultimately lost because of my birth. But I'm glad I'm here. I am a mother myself, a survivor of spousal abuse. I almost got an abortion once, and to this day i cry when I think of it. I brought my son into the world in spite of the obstacles and I gave myself and the world the greatest gift. So did my mom when she had me. My mother and I were not victims of unwanted pregnancies but of patriarchy, silence, economic disenfranchisement. low self-esteem and bigotry. My story is long and will be told one day. But I have to say that no one should be sexually active who is unwilling or unable to take on the responsibilities of parenthood morally and responsibly.

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