Friday, February 24, 2006

Remember Rendition?

NEW YORK, Feb 23 (IPS) - A few months ago -- particularly after The Washington Post broke the story of secret U.S. "black sites" in Eastern Europe -- it would have been difficult to pick up a newspaper or watch television without hearing the words "extreme rendition". Then, almost as suddenly as the issue appeared, it vanished. The world's press stopped focusing on the U.S. practice of sending detainees to countries where they would likely be tortured or abused. Last week, the rendition issue was back, but not in a way likely to please its opponents.

Archbishop compares Bush to Ugandan dictator
Parsing pain
Eight Detainees Tortured To Death By U.S.
U.S. admits force feeding at Guantanamo
America's Shame: Torture in the Name of Freedom
Shameful: This is the world's view on Guantanamo
Innocence Ignored at Guantanamo
Judge Orders U.S. to Identify Detainees
Files show military rebuffs FBI Guantanamo worries
Horrors of Camp Delta Are Exposed by British Victims
Eyewitness: Guantanamo
A Fabric of Illegality
FBI Memos Reveal Allegations of Abusive Interrogation Techniques


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