Friday, February 24, 2006

Friedan and King: Super Models

Within the space of a week, three stories were front page news--the deaths of Betty Friedan and Coretta Scott King and this newsflash from the New York Times: "Some Democrats Are Sensing Missed Opportunities." Talk about understatement, especially when the whopping lies of the Bush administration continue to pile up (Bush never met Abramoff, domestic spying is legal, no one at the White House knew the levees had broken). The old white guys in the party--Harry Reid, John Kerry, Howard Dean--and the disappointing female leaders like Pelosi and especially Hillary Clinton (Joe Leiberman in drag) would do well to consider what Freidan and King achieved in their lifetimes. King, of course, endured real threats to her and her family's safety and, as Jimmy Carter pointedly reminded us (bless you, Jimmy), surveillance of their private life. She was enormously courageous. But so was Friedan, who forged ahead to change the lives of millions of women of several generations despite ongoing ridicule of her politics and, crucially and repeatedly, her looks. But in addition to the lessons in courage the Democrats might take from these women, they might note that both women fought for concrete, systematic policies and laws--to be enacted and enforced.

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